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Get ready to change your body and change your life!

Current YFit Flyer

YFit is a 7-week informational nutrition program that teaches you how to transform your body by toning up and trimming down. You will learn how to combine foods to reduce body fat and how to use exercise to improve your body composition and reach your health and fitness goals. Offered 4 times a year.

This program includes:

  • Lecture/Discussion Topics
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Exercise Programs
  • Nutrition Plans

This program is designed to give you the tools, education and knowledge to be able to make the most of your time in the gym and to help you make the healthiest food choices possible that supports muscle and reduces body fat. You will receive a specific nutrition and exercise plan. Meetings will take place every Tuesday for 6 weeks. To hold you accountable for completing your workouts and eating right, there will be a weigh-in and body fat analysis at every meeting. Each meeting will last approximately 1 hour.

Meetings and discussion topics:

Session 1: *First meeting lasts an extra 30 minutes
Initial Weigh-In and Body Fat analysis
Fueling your Body: What, why, how and when you need to eat

Session 2:
Initial Weigh-In and Body Fat analysis
Understanding Food Labels

Session 3:
Weigh–In and Body Fat analysis
Understanding Fat Cells

Session 4:
Weigh–In and Body Fat analysis
Body Fat vs. Body Weight: What is the difference?

Session 5:
Weigh–In and Body Fat analysis
Salt, Sugar, & Fat

Session 6:
Final Weigh-In and Body Fat analysis
Cardio vs. Weight Training: Which is better?

Session 7:
Final Weigh-In and Body Fat analysis
Breaking Through a Plateau

Program participants are expected to complete the workouts on their own time. Program presenters will provide training on the exercise component at a designated time. Fitness Trainers are also available for training appointments. The public will need to join the Y in order to use the facility for workouts.

COST: $50/Members; $100/Public (*Limited to 20 participants each session)

*Program is presented by Robin Hatch and Karen Kiser-Kling who trained under the licensed program designer, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Missy Corrigan from the Sumter, SC YMCA.


"My 2017 resolution was to not give up in my wellness journey. Through bad days, weeks and sometimes even months, I never gave up. I not only met my goal this year but I surpassed it. I lost 44 of the 69 lbs. in 2017 alone. I've changed my life by following the YFIT program at the Y and exercise. Nutrition is a major key in weight loss. I've worked hard this past year and feel like a new person. I have new goals this year and am excited to get started on those. My resolution will continue to be the same...don't give up. Little things add up. Making small steps each day gets you that much closer to where you want to be verses doing nothing at all."

Megan Clapp -YFit Participant andMembership & Marketing Director at the Randolph-Asheboro YMCA

Megan Clapp-First Class-October 2014
Weight - 205 pounds
Body Fat Percentage - 42%

“My husband John and I joined the Y shortly after we moved to Asheboro from Denver. When I saw the YFIT flyer, I decided to enroll. My weight and waistline had kept growing over the years even though I tried to eat right and stay active. YFIT taught me WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat so my body got the right nutrients at the right time to control cravings. YFIT taught me the right way to exercise to get the benefits of cardio and strength training. I had never used exercise equipment and was unsure about how to begin. My YFIT coach provided a plan and detailed instructions during a private session. She encouraged me to start 3x per week with weight/resistance settings that were challenging but doable. As I have gained strength as a result of my workouts, I increased the weight/resistance. I feel strong and fit now. Weight is just a number; I learned to focus on how my clothes fit. I was wearing size 12 Relaxed Fit jeans, now wear size 8. I am so grateful for the YFIT program and wonderful instructors. This is a lifestyle plan that I can follow forever.”
Charlotte Steele, YFit Participant

Charlotte Steele - First Class-October 2016:
Weight - 145 pounds
Body Fat Percentage - 41.8%
Waist - 34.5 in

Charlotte Steele - April 2017:
Weight - 130 pounds
Body Fat Percentage - 35.3%
Waist - 29 in

“I had been looking for something that would help me achieve my health goals and give me the motivation and encouragement I needed. I found that and more with the YFIT Program. At 23, I was not sure what YFIT could offer me that I did not already know since I read health magazines, try to eat healthy, or so I thought, and tried to get a couple work outs in a week, but I was stuck. I was not losing weight but gaining while always feeling low on energy so I decided to give YFIT a try. I was amazed by all that I learned. I went home, cleaned out my pantry and realized that most of what I was eating was not the right food and how I was exercising was not the right way. Since I started the program I feel great! I have more energy and I have even lost a few inches and that is always super exciting all just by eating healthy. This program doesn’t only teach you how, what and when to eat or how to exercise, it offers you a different life style, a healthy way of living, and that can’t be beat!”
Mariana Alvarado, YFit Participant

“Participating in the YFIT program was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. Throughout the six-week period, I learned how to properly fuel my body in order to have energy and achieve weight and body fat reduction. After adopting the nutrition plan, the program then covered the best ways to exercise. My mind was blown as I had approached it wrong since I could remember.
The YFIT program is not a fad diet or a new way of starving. It’s simply a lifestyle change. Each week our group learned something new and we were able to easily apply these changes to our new lifestyles. Now that I understand how my body runs the best, I can’t imagine going back to the calorie-counting I once was doing. YFIT is awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a healthy lifestyle change!”
Leigh Anna Johnson, YFit Participant

“Taking the YFIT program is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I began to look at food the right way. Before YFIT, I had temporary success losing weight by cutting carbs and or limiting my caloric intake. Thanks to YFIT, I learned that those diets merely deprive the body of the key nutrients it needs to function at its highest potential. While becoming fit is anything but a race, sticking with the YFIT nutrition plan has certainly helped me get the most out of my workouts and lose fat quickly. I feel great! I have more energy than I ever had prior to YFIT. This rejuvenation has helped me stick to a healthy lifestyle.”
Ben Warren, YFit Participant

Ben Warren - First Class-January 2015:
Weight - 209 pounds
Body Fat Percentage - 29.3%
Waist - 36 in

Ben Warren - November 2015:
Weight - 156 pounds
Body Fat Percentage - 14%
Waist - 30 in